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Introduction to the Weekend Workshops

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We want to encourage and develop camera craft. From taking an image through to submitting an image into a competition.

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Pre Workshop

Weekend Workshops : Planned

Some details may need to be finalised. Download the brochure for event details and references. These brochures may be periodically updated.  So come back again…

If you are interested in attending a Weekend Workshop or have an idea for one, please feel free to email the [email protected]

Halloween (Bittern)

  • Get your Ghoul On and see what you can Dig Up – image-wise.
  • Link : Halloween Photoshoot – Frankston Photographic Club (Download Details)
  • Link : Weather for Bittern
  • Saturday 22 September, 4:00pm – 9:30pm
  • Book your place on the Frankston Photographic Club’s website
  • We have been given permission to do a location shoot at : 30 Davies Road, Bittern. 
    • Do a drive-by and see what ideas you can come up with…
    • There are also other props available that we may be be able to use…
  • This is another chance to practice
    •  image concept planning and development and story telling,
    • using the skills learnt from the image editing workshops to create an image…

2018 : Previous Weekend Workshops

  • Ice On Fire. Creative and Experimental. Stage 1
    • An interesting night of learning. We used a glass table top and the ice columns began to melt almost as soon it was placed on the glass. So temperature difference, however slight, will be a significant factor in delicate ice photography. Also, apparently, low temperature lights can ‘move’ ice like wind in a sail. Quite bizarre! A good social night with some good shots. And no eye-brows were lost in the making of the images…
  • Christmas in July Family Photo Shoot
    • Trying not to be too harsh considering the disappointing turn out.  Not sure why people do not want quality photos of their family or to practice camera craft with familiar people in a quality studio setting.  We will continue to push on though…
  • Mornington Gallery Crawl – What the Sea Never Told MPRG
    • An interesting tour of galleries, rose gardens, monuments and the waterfront.  The MPRG installation was an incredibly emotional experience that really put you in the place of someone that was being washed around in the ocean and drowning.
  • Botanical Gardens Cranbourne – for each of the 6 Indigenous Seasons (Download details)
    • Great venue. Great group of people.  Great images of flowers. Lunch in the café.
  • .Australia Day Fireworks – Mornington (Download details)
    • Done. Great time had even though it rained. Looking forward to next year.
  • Valentine’s Day Workshop (Download details)
    • Done.  Seems Story Telling is becoming more important in a lot more photo competitions.  Keep practicing…

Some Resources






  • How to : Calibrate your Screen for Printing
  • How To : Set up Printer Profile and Paper Profile
  • Frankston Photographic Club : Printer Workshops



Other Ideas (non club weekend workshops)

  • Victorian Maritime Museum – Crib point


  • Millionaires Walk.  Sorrento

    FPC Arrangements

    • Meeting Time: TBC
    • Meeting Place: Frankston Photographic Club (Park in the Top Car Park)
    • Transport: Car Pooling
    • Cost: Free / Fuel Sharing
    • Bring: Camera Gear, Weather Appropriate Gear, Money for refreshments
    • Duration: 6 hours. About an hour down there, About 2 hours (depending on weather), maybe an hour for coffee, lunch and catch up in Sorrento, about an hour back