Weekend Workshops

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Introduction to the Weekend Workshops

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We want to encourage and develop camera craft. From taking an image through to submitting an image into a competition.

The downloads give you an idea of the techniques to put into practice

Pre Workshop

Weekend Workshops : Planned

Overview and references

  • Aperture – Blurred Backgrounds and Bokei
  • Handheld Photography – No Tripod, No Blur
  • Low Contrast – Single Colours and RED
  • Image Stitching – Panoramas
  • Image Stacking – Removing Crowds
  • High Speed Photography – Liquid Art
  • Becoming A Judge – Get a qualification and learn how to take better images
  • 3:2:1 – Audio Visual Presentations




  • How to : Calibrate your Screen for Printing
  • How To : Set up Printer Profile and Paper Profile
  • Frankston Photographic Club : Printer Workshops




Planned Events : Weekend Work Shops

Private Classic Car Collection

  • Saturday 4th November. Melbourne Cup Weekend
  • Meet : Frankston Camera Club.  Top Car Park
  • Time :  9:00am, to be in Bittern around 10:00am – 10:30am
  • Cost : Gold Coin Donation (plus a bit extra because it is a Private Car Collection and the funds raised are for a worthwhile charity)
  • Bring : Food, Drink, Appropriate Gear, Camera Gear
  • Transport : Car Pool.


Yarra Glen Day Trip (WIP – September / October)

September / October 2017. Depending on Seasons for the blooming of the Wisteria Arch

Download details for the:


Saturday 16 September, 2017. (NOTE : …) Last weekend of the event.

Download details for the:

Liquid Art and Christmas in July PhotoShoot

Saturday 15th July, 2017. START: 3:30pm approx.

Download details for the:

Melbourne University Underground Car Park +

Saturday 1st July, 2017

Download details for the:

BareFoot Bowls (Summer)

  • Frankston Lawn Bowls Club: www.frankston.bowls.com.au/
  • Friday Evenings in Summer,
  • Social get together, Snags and Coolies, Chats and Laughs

Paint and Sip  (Open and Still Life) Coronet Bay

  • paintandsipcb.com.au
  • Offers painting classes with potential to look at light on a subject, paint it, and then photograph it.
  • Casual couple of hours pretty close to home that may prove interesting, useful, a bit challenging and bit different.
  • Details TBC

FPC Details

  • Date: TBC
  • Start Time:
  • End Time:
  • Meeting Location:

Other Details

Royal Society of Victoria (Science Building)

Millionaires Walk.  Sorrento

FPC Arrangements

  • Meeting Time: 10:30am
  • Meeting Place: Frankston Photographic Club (Park in the Top Car Park)
  • Transport: Car Pooling
  • Cost: Free / Fuel Sharing
  • Bring: Camera Gear, Weather Appropriate Gear, Money for refreshments
  • Duration: 6 hours. About an hour down there, About 2 hours (depending on weather), maybe an hour for coffee, lunch and catch up in Sorrento, about an hour back

Devil bend Reservoir, Mooroduc :Bird life Sanctuary

FPC Information

  • Meeting Place: Frankston Photographic Club (Park in the Top Car Park)
  • Meeting Time: TBC
  • Meeting Date: TBC
  • Transport: Self. Meet at the Camera Club for car pooling
  • Duration: Several hours
  • Cost:Free (Fuel and Food)