Mark Galer Seminar

Don't miss the chance to see one of Australia's best Photographic Guru's

All day seminar on Saturday October 28th 9.30am to 4pm.

Seminar + Morning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea provided for just $60

26 High Street Frankston / The Brotherhood of Laurence Centre.

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Mark Galer is a seasoned professional photographer, educator, author, Adobe Imaging Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand and all round Photoshop Guru. He has written thirty books for the International publisher Focal Press, has served as a Senior Lecturer and Program Director of the BA Photography course at RMIT University in Melbourne and is the Sony Imaging Ambassador for Australia.

A child stands behind videographer Mark Galer at Bagot community park.


One Day Seminar: Smart Workflows for Smart Photographers

  • The session will include essential tips and techniques to provide photographers with the skills to implement a smart workflow from Raw capture to Print and Screen output.
  • Mark will briefly cover his favourite camera settings to capture outstanding images in the genres of portraiture, landscape wildlife/action and street photography.
  • Mark will go on to cover the optimum import and backup imaging workflow using Adobe Lightroom. He will show the workspace setup for Lr and Photoshop and how to quickly optimise your images in the Develop Module to get the best out of each and every image. He will also show you how to use Develop Presets to quickly stylise and grade your images.
  • Mark will discuss the reasons why it is sometimes necessary to open images in Photoshop and show some examples of these editing workflows and the 'Best Tools' for the job. These will include Frequency Separation, Luminosity Masking and simple, but effective, Compositing workflows. This section will include the value of Blend Modes and appropriate Selection Techniques to make light work of complex editing tasks.
  • Mark will conclude the talk by discussing how Lightroom and Adobe’s Creative Cloud can be used to Publish images to Social Media, contribute to the Adobe Stock library (that will sure your Adobe Cloud subscription is paying for itself) and Create professional looking websites that are easy to manage without any special skills or additional costs. 
  • Mark will be sharing free Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, Movie Tutorials + eBooks on Colour and Catalog Management.

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